Mosquito Away TV-Designed and Made for India
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Mosquito Away TV-Designed And Made For India

Mosquito Away TV-Designed and Made for India

Cinema Screen: Ultimate simplicity for complete and immersive viewingUltra Slim design and vanishing bezel. It is time for design to come home.Cinema 3D: LG CINEMA 3D is…comfortable, flicker-free 3D glasses. Enjoy flicker free 3D viewing in comfortable battery free, light weight glasses using FPR Technology.

LG Smart TV: Simple to control....Experience an incredibly simple, user-friendly Smart TV designed for all, with LG’s advanced Magic Remote and the customizable Smart Home. Enjoy the benefits of a true Smart TV that connects to other devices more easily than ever. What good is a Smart TV without great content? In both quantity and quality, the content services available on LG Smart TV are the best on offer. Enjoy endless entertainment with the greatest of ease.

LG LED TV: THe next generation LED TVEquipped with USB movie playability, All round protection, Triple XD Engine, LG LED TV offer the best in connectivity, durability, picture quality along with a Robust IPS Panel.

JAZZ TV: Sit back and prepare to get swept away in the most immersive audio experience possible. JAZZ LED is engineered with 2.2 Channel speaker system with Twin Subwoofer and a Virtual Surround sound, your TV viewing pleasure will be significantly enhanced due to its superior sound with 1200W PMPO sound Quality.

Transform TV: With LG's Innovative transform TV you can now easily convert TV stand to rack. It's convenient, space saving and a unique innovation based on design. It immensely enhances the utility serving the Indian consumers requirement.From LG's Next Generation 3D televisions, which offer the same depth, realism and entertainment as theatre 3D, to Smart TVs with unlimited content, and LED televisions with exceptional image quality – there’s a TV for any room in your house.

Introducing the LG LED TV with a Triple XD Engine, providing crystal-clear pictures and the most vivid and life-like colors. With an ideal IPS Panel Display, 20W Powerful Sound, All-Round Protection Plus, Regional Language Options and Built-In Games provide you with a superior, unmatched entertainment experience!

Designed and built especially for Indian weather conditions, with features like Robust IPS Panel, USB Connectivity, Lightening Protection, Summer Heat & Humidity Protection, it’s equipped with latest technology and unique features.

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